Amusement Parks Dhaka

Dhaka is known as a city of traffic jam. The life here is like a robot. Still there are some amusements parks have been built up in different places of Dhaka city to remove the boredom of life. Some of them are known as historical place. So, the tourists have interest too. The people used to visit these places mostly on holiday or vacation with their family.

Here is some collection of amusements parks in Dhaka city with detail information:

Museum in Dhaka City:

National Museum
Shahbagh, Dhaka.
Weekly off day: Thursday.
Open: 3pm-8pm (Friday), 9.30am-4pm (Saturday-Wednesday).
Phone: 8619396-99

Ahsan Manjil Museum
Weekly off day: Thursday.
Open: 3pm-7pm (Friday), 9.00am-5pm (Saturday-Wednesday).
Phone: 7391122, 7393866

Bangabandhu Shaikh Mujibur Rahman Memorial Museum
Weekly off day: Wednesday.
Open: 10am-5pm (Thursday-Tuesday)
Phone: 8110046.

Liberation War Museum.
Weekly off day: Wednesday.
Open: 10am-6pm (Thursday-Tuesday).
Phone: 9559091-2.

Sishu Academy Museum
Weekly off day: Friday and Saturday.
Open: 9am-5pm (Sunday-Thursday).
Phone: 9558874.

National Science and Technology Museum
Weekly off day: Thursday and Friday.
Open: 9am-5pm (Saturday-Wednesday)
Phone: 9112084
Entry Fees: 5tk per person.
In Saturday and Sunday you can view the sky with telescope from 6pm for 10tk.

Zoo in Dhaka City:
Dhaka Zoo
Weekly off day: Sunday.
Open: 8am-6pm (Monday-Saturday)
Phone: 835035,9002020,9002738,9003252.
Entry Fees: 10tk per person.

Parks in Dhaka City:
Shahid Jia Sishu Park
Weekly off day: Sunday
Open: 1pm-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
Phone: 8623304
Entry Fees: 8tk per person
Ride Fees: 6tk Per Person

Bahadur Shah Park
Open: All day between 5am-9am and 3pm-10.30pm

Nandan Park
Open: All day between 10am-10pm
Phone: 9890283,9890292,01819223529

Fantasy Kindom
Open: All day between 11am-7pm
Phone: 9896482,8833786,7701944-49

Arts Gallery in Dhaka

1. Joynul Gallery-1
Charukola Anushod, Dhaka University

2. Shipangon Gallery
Charukola Anushod, Dhaka University

3. Gallery Chitrok
H#21,R#4, Dhanmondi Residential Area

4. Bengal Gallery of fine Arts
275/F, R#16 (New), Dhanmondi

5. Gallery Kaya
H#20, R#1, Sector-4, Uttara

6. Dhaka Art Center
H#60, R# 7/A, Dhanmondi

7. La gallery
H#7/A, R#13, Gulshan-1

8. Concert
MuktoMoncho, Robindro Sorobor, Dhanmondi

9. Geto Institute
H#10, R#9(New), Dhanmondi


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